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Living Under One Sun

Creating community led well-being and healthy connected neighbourhoods

LUOS was created in 2005 by mothers of many cultures and ages through ‘meet, cook and eat sessions’ in a corner of Tottenham.  Nine years later LUOS is a multi- award winning not for profit organisation actively creating places for communities to meet, access services, share skills and ideas to shape their neighbourhoods.

LUOS delivers the following programmes with local residents and partners;

  • Supporting community development
  • Developing green skills
  • Providing outdoor sports and outdoor activities
  • Promoting healthy food
  • Promoting better budgeting
  • Offering volunteering opportunities
  • Running a learn to cycle project on Saturday mornings
  • Hosting a Cafe Connect at the Engine Room on Friday mornings

Community allotment

Just five minutes’ walk from Hale Village, LUOS has created a beautiful community allotment and apiary with five beehives at East Hale Allotments on Millmead Road.  It is a place where all Hale Village residents are welcome! LUOS allotment is open now supporting community activities 4 days a week

“At LUOS we pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming and ‘can do’ approach. We bring people and their ideas together – supporting each other to improve our individual lives, shape services and our neighbourhoods. We make things happen and together with our partners we make a positive difference!”  Leyla Laksari

For more information on courses and activities:

Call: 0208 801 6868