Crop Drop at Hale Village

By November 16, 2021Latest News

Are you trying to eat more fresh, healthy food? Perhaps you want to avoid toxic pesticides? Or you’re worried about worker exploitation in the supply chain? All these things were playing on our mind (alongside the existential threat posed by climate change) when we decided to launch Crop Drop back in 2013. 8 years on, we now support 15 organic, regenerative farmers and we have 11 collection points around Haringey including your local pick up point at Eagle Heights in Hale Village. Our collection points are a vital part of our community. Hale Village, with its green roofs, wildlife corridors and renewable energy initiatives,seemed like a great fit for our local organic veg scheme. Picking your produce up from our veg cupboard means there’s no chance of missed deliveries or veg boxes sitting outside when you’re not in, plus it’s an opportunity to meet your neighbours while supporting the local economy. Did you know, for example, that for every £1 spent buying organic food through a local veg scheme almost £3 more is generated in benefits to customers, farmers, citizens and the planet? But the benefits don’t stop there! To celebrate our eighth birthday, here are eight reasons why you should pick up your fresh groceries from our Hale Village collection point.


  • LOCAL: We grow some of your veg in our glasshouse at Wolves Lane in Wood Green and prioritise produce from nearby organic growers such as Forty Hall Farm in Enfield.
  • ORGANIC: We source the rest from smallscale, organic farmers who follow nature friendly, regenerative methods and have @soilassociation certification or similar.
  • TRANSPARENT: We are part of a network of Better Food Traders putting our farmers, communities and the planet first. Read about our principles here.
  • LOW CARBON: We never use air-freighted or hothouse produce (fossil-fuel heated greenhouses), artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.
  • FAIR: We always pay farmers a fair price. For every £1 spent with us more than 50% is returned to our farmers, (as opposed to as little as 8% with the supermarkets).
  • PLANTBASED: We make switching to a plantbased or flexitarian diet easy with our extensive range of recipes, all designed to help you reduce food waste, explore new flavours and fall in love with seasonal, locally grown, home cooked veg.
  • ZERO WASTE: Your veg is delivered in reusable, returnable bags, (you can drop off your unused totes at the Hale Village cupboard and we’ll happily re-use them!). Most of your veg comes loose with leafy greens in home compostable or recyclable packaging. What isn’t returned to our farmers is recycled through zero waste to landfill service First Mile.
  • COMMUNITY: Food should feed bellies not bins. Any surplus is cooked in our community kitchen and donated to local charities via the Food For All scheme. Our onsite compost feeds our veggies, creating a closed loop system. You can donate to the Food For All scheme as part of your order.


Choose from a small, standard or large bag with the option to add a fruit supplement. Sign up here and change your relationship with food for good!

Hale Village Pick up times

Collection from Wednesdays 7pm – Sunday evening

Address: Eagle Heights, Waterside Way London N17 9FU

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